Sunday, February 27, 2011

Necharsteinach and the Four Castles

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, we have just been so busy it’s been hard to have some time to sit down and put together a post with all of the pictures that I have!!!

Two weeks ago we went to Necharsteinach to visit the four castles there! Two of the four are currently occupied and we were only able to see the outside of one of them, but it was still very neat to see!!!

This is the outside of the first castle:

This is the walkway from the first castle to the second castle. I think that these are my favorite pictures:

You can see the second castle from this picture (and a little bit of Tim!)
The third castle is in ruin and we were able to climb all over it and explore it. It was VERY neat! I think that my favorite part was the windows next to the tower. You could still see the original outline and details of how the windows would have been placed in them!

This castle is called Hintersburg and was built in the 12th century and took about 30 years to build! It is the closest of all the castles to the river.

This is a miniature history of the castle. I have been unable to find a translation of this, but I’m still working on it!

Stairs going up to the castle
The watch tower
This is the view form the top of the watch tower

This is the orinigal layout of the castle. Most of the outer walls have disappeared, but the inner part is still standing and that’s what we were able to explore!

This next castle is quite a ways up from the last castle. This castle has two towers and is called the Schadeck. It was built in the 13th century. The castle is almost on the top of the mountain and is hard to see from the bottom!

These are all views of the fourth castle from various positions on the way up the path. They are a bit hazy because it so high up that we were up in the clouds!

The pictures below are taken from the top of the tower. The fields are on the other side of the river and have been farmed since even before any of the castles were built. On clearer days you can see paths worn into the land by the farmers and villagers going to and from the fields, and the paths they used to bring water up to the crops from the river.

All of the castles are very neat and breath taking! And the views are awesome! The way up to the castles is very steep! We all (even Lyssa!) had to stop a few times to catch our breath. The paths are at least at a 20-30% incline and some are possibly even 40%! But it’s worth it if you can make it!