Saturday, March 12, 2011

How Does This Work??!!!!!

I've come across several different things here in Germany that are....different. Not just the language and culture, but objects as well. I've decided to take pictures of the "odd" things that I find and post them on here and maybe we can figure it all out. 

This time I've chosen to show you my stove. On the outside it looks like any normal stove...

BUT it's not!  When I tried to pull the door open, I couldn't! Then Ewald (the landlord) showed me how to open it...

You PULL it open!

Then later that night we decided to make frozen pizza for dinner, so I went to preheat the oven, so I converted the Fahrenheit to Celsius, turned the dial to the correct temperature and then went to put the setting in and found this....

I was floored!!! I couldn't figure out which setting was what and which one to use!!! So I randomly chose one and was I WRONG!!! The top of the pizza ended up burnt, and the bottom ended up doughy!! OOPS!!!! With some trial and error (lots and lots of error), I think that the stove is convection and that the picture with the lines on the top and bottom is the correct setting to use when cooking. As for what the others do, I have no idea! Some of the settings use a fan, but other than that, I've no earthly idea!!!

If anyone out there can help I'll take any advice!!! 


Random Pictures

My friend Jennifer and I took a trip to Ramstein AFB the other day and took the pictures below on the way! It was a wonderfully clear day with hardly any haze! Those are a rare thing around here.

This is the view right outside the town we live in. There are mountains behind those hills!

View of the far away mountains

One of the cute little towns! There is a castle in this town that partially fallen down,but the base has been preserved and made into a steak restaurant.

These are the road signs that are over a lot of the autobahn. The signs mean (from the left to the right) merge right, construction ahead, speed limit 80kph, construction ahead, and the speed limit.