Sunday, January 23, 2011

Still Looking

We have been in Germany for about ten days now and have we learned a lot! So far we have learned that most Germans have "indoor" and "outdoor" shoes, that you can't turn right at a red light (unless there is a green arrow attached to the light pole next to the red light), that fresh food is cheaper in the German stores, but all other foods (including pop!!!!!!) are much much cheaper at the Commisary, and that Europeans drive like maniacs!

We found a school for Lyssa to go to. It's an international school in the town we are currently staying in. Tim and I both like the teacher and the principle and think that it will be a very good fit for Lyssa (and hopefully she will make some new friends too!). I like the school's curriculum and the way they teach it. They teach the whole student (body, mind, emotions, etc) and they have several different knowledge bases inside the classroom itself.

We didn't end up getting that amazing house that we saw- the current tenant decided that he didn't want to go back to the states and that he was staying for three more years, so that means that we are back on the hunt for somewhere to live! It's a little stressful because housing is so expensive and  hard to find over here. We have about three weeks left to find somewhere, so keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we do!

We drove to Ramstein and went to their big mall at the air force base there on Saturday. Lyssa was excited because they had a Harley store there that she wants to take GP there when he visits this summer and she was also excited that they had a Baskin Robins! I think that she may be developing an ice cream habit.....hhhmmmm...... Anyways, the mall was neat- it had a lot more different things than the PX and Commisary have here and in Heidleberg. I think that we will definatly have to go back there!!!

Thats really about all for now. When we find a house I will post some pictures of it on here!


Castle sightings UTD: 3

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