Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving In!

We have our house!!! We signed the papers and gave our deposits and all the other legal stuff, and now we have the keys! YEAH!!! The Housing Office came by and inspected the house and everything is in working order. We met the  landlord and his cute little puppy Gypsy (he is a four moth old terrier of some kind, but he is so adorable and friendly!!) After the Housing Inspection, he showed us his garden in his back yard. We don't have a back yard, but he said that he is more than happy to share with us! Tim is excited because there is a brick oven/grill thing that he has been wanting to use since he found out that they existed! Lyssa and I are excited because the landlord is going to let use use one (very large) area to grow some veggies in this spring! Oh! And he keeps chickens!!! That's right!!! He has a pen with five chickens back there that he apparently keeps for fresh eggs! I don't think that I've ever lived that close to chickens before (unless I was staying at my Aunt's house who lives in the country!). I think that we will all get along pretty well. He is a very nice man. I have yet to meet his wife, but she sent us some of their eggs!

We received our air shipment yesterday, so we have our towels, sheets, desk top computers, and other things like that. Now if only our big shipment of furniture would arrive! Tomorrow we are moving most of our things out of the hotel and into our house. I think that we are also going to buy a couple air mattresses and go to Heidelberg to start looking at cars for us to drive since our house is in a suburb of Mannheim. (If you would like our APO address or our physical address just let me know and I will get it to you).

Dinner is here so I'm signing off!


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  1. I am looking forward to seeing pictures. You are off to a good start.