Monday, February 14, 2011


Our overseas shipment arrived today! Woo hoo!!!!! We are all very excited about this! We have FURNITURE!!!!!! (I'm most excited about having a bed to sleep on again!) Lyssa is excited about having all of her stuffed animals with her again and she is trying to figure out if she can convince her Dad if she can have part of his office for her toys...I'll keep you posted on that one!

In other news, Lyssa started school last week. I think that she enjoys it, but she won't say! She did meet a friend and had her over on Sunday to play while her friend's mom and I went to the launderette to wash our laundry.  Tim bought a car last Friday- its a 2002 Toyota Camery (it's black), and it's pretty comfy and drives GREAT on the autobahn! Tim reached about 110-120 mph on it Saturday. It was nice!

Since we have our things now, I should be able to *hopefully* unearth my camera soon so that I can take pictures of the house for everyone! 


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